Roll of Arms

Here you will find the devices and blazons of our members who have registered them with the SCA College of Arms.

HL Eleanora Elizabeth Caley
(called Caley)


Or, a raven rising sable within a bordure gules semy of annulets Or.

Lord Andrewe Bawldwyn


Per pale indented argent and azure.

 Mistress Joanna the Spinner, OL

Gules, a spinning wheel reversed and on a chief Or three wool-packs gules.

Lord Gunnarr Sveinsson


Per saltire vert and Or, a dragon statant azure ermined Or.

Mistress Caítriona inghean mhic Lochlainn, OL


Azure, on a chevron doubly-cotised argent three trefoils vert.

Lord Diego de Valor


Gules, in pale a caravel reversed and two rapiers in saltire Or.

Lady Alys Langton


Per pale azure and vert, a cinquefoil within a double-tressure argent.

HL Avelyn Blakenye


Argent, three foxgloves azure slipped and leaved within a bordure vert.

Lord Hallgeirr Olafsson


Per fess embattled Or and azure, two spears in saltire gules and a stag at gaze argent.

Sir Wayland of Durlach


Vert, a winged wheel within an annulet Or between three mullets of 5 greater and 5 lesser points argent.

HL Gavin Mac Giolla Ruaidh


Gules, a dove volant Or within a bordure lozengy Or and gules.