Snail Mail!




"Blow thy horn hunter, blow thy horn on high. 
There is a doe in yonder wood in faith she will not die."
~William Cornish

Hunt the wild stag through the Teuterberg forest. 

Longbows and re-curves encouraged and crossbows will shoot at a further distance.

Arts and Sciences:
Greetings!  I am HL Czina, the current Seawinds Artisan Defender.  The Arts and Sciences competition will consist of a single static entry that evokes Germany, Autumn or a combination of both!  Have fun with your entry - I love to learn about new things, and I am eager to see what is entered.  Documentation is required, and extra points will be given for explaining how the entry fits the theme.  The Ansteorran A&S Judging form ( )will be used.  I will be the one judging, and I will pull at least one other vict... volunteer to help.  If you have questions, please contact me:
czinaangielczyka at

Betrayal and Revenge!  Each bard will enter two pieces:  one on betrayal and the other on revenge.  The two pieces need not be related, but they can be.  It would help, but it is not neccessary if the pieces used the words "revenge" or "betrayal."  Your character can be plotting or suffering from either aspect.  The theme is not limited to war it can also include love, money, or any other area.  Period pieces are encouraged; Original pieces, SCA pieces and foreign languages are also welcome.

Sir Ysfael Bryndu will be running three chivalirc competitions.  These will run through the day and will, he hopes, allow for everyone to have a blast.

They are:

1. Single sword and sock puppet.  Fighters are required to bring a sock puppet that will fit over appropriate hand protection.  It is suggested that the puppet reflect some historical or SCA personality.  Striking an opponent's puppet is frowned upon and MAY result in a loss to the fighter who does so.  Also, puppets should be prepared to act (speak, sing, recite poetry, etc.) in a manner which reflects something of the personality the puppet is meant to represent.  For example, one might expect a Caesar to be "above it all" and so, a disinterested onlooker whereas one of our dukes, say Patrick Michael, might take a chiding tone at a deed, armed, ill done.  Henry V, William Wallace, or heck even Poor Yorick, the King's Jester.  What then might he say, given leave on the list to speak his long held thought?  Hmm?? Oh, and just so you know, Achmed the dead terrorist is right out.

2. Round Robin - Fighters will be divided into pools wherin every fighter will fight every other fighter in consecutive combats.  The number of pools will depend on the number of fighters who sign into the list.  A number of combatants from each pool will be advanced to the next grouping and so on until the competition resolves itself down to a clear pairing.  This is intended to be a grueling test of stamina and the fighters ability to marshal his energies wisely.  Remember folks, hydrate and carb up (eat) wisely the day before the tournament.  Eat a good breakfast and warm up the muscles before you start in.  Once there and in the midst of the competition, it is improbably you will catch up with a missed meal, insufficient sleep, or lack of decent hydration.  This is a champions tourney.  Prepare like a champion or you may never be one.

3. Bragging/Throw down.  Paired tournament where each fighter verbosely predicts the outcome of the fight through an aggressive negotiation of styles and limitations.  Members of the Seawinds populace, as well as any visiting nobility, who are not in the tournament, are encourage to suggest pairings.  This is not so much about bravado, but about knowing yourself and knowing your opponent.  Challenging well above your skill level is inadvisable in this segment of the day.  Challenging well below your skill level will probably get you "noticed" but not, perhaps, in a good way.  An example of what one may expect to see here is good friends who know each other talking smack and having fun to set the start of a fight that might not otherwise occur.  Or, two fighters, paired, may negotiate a combat where each feels that he has achieved at least some advantage through choice of style, accounting of points or some other means.  The fighters will then take the field announce the brag and the counter, and then the combat will show who gets the better of whom.  Also, brags don't have to be about garnering victory.  They do, however, have to be measurably resolved through combat.  Finally, while a champion will want to participate in each tourney segment, participation in this last one isn't required.

The new champion will be chosen based on participation in each tournament as well as the quality and quantity of loot given to the outgoing champion.  If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail them to Sir Ysfael directly.  He will be expanding and clarifying the rules and conditions of these in the future.

This year's competition is German themed.  Your entry must feed 15-20 people.  Ingredients and recipes are requested.  Extra points given for period recipes and redactions.  Documentation is encouraged but not required.  Competition/judging will take place at 1pm by prior Seawinds Gustatory Defenders.  Tables to be open to populous as sideboard lunch/competition.  There are three competitions:

1. Prior Gustatory defenders judging for the title.
2. Populous vote.
3. Display competition.

The first round shall be a round robin tournament, fought using single rapier.

The second round shall be a challenge round, with each competitor having a certain number of lives (i.e. losses) allowed.  Weapon styles (Single Rapier, Rapier and Dagger, Rapier and Rigid Parry, Rapier and Soft Parry) may be traded in for additional lives.  In addition, behavior fitting the title of Defender of Seawinds may earn competitors extra lives to continue fighting in this round.

Finalists will be chosen based on the results of these two rounds, prowess is not the sole criteria to be selected as a finalist.  The number of finalists and format of the finals will be determined at the discretion of the outgoing Defender.