As our last Equestrian Defender (2008);  Sir Henri Hibou du Bois will be hosting a Stick Horse Competition.  This is just for fun and open to both children and adults...there will be prizes!  You are encouraged to bring your own "horse" or you can "rent" one for a donation of an unwrapped  toy for Toys for Tots.  Format:  "Show up, grab a stick horse and skip around....".  Unfortunately Henri will not be at the event to demonstrate this technique, but his lovely lady Mistress Charla will be running the event.

Chivalric Tournament

 Seawinds is having its 30th anniversary this year and it is my esteemed honor to hold the place as Chivalric defender. As such I have designed the tourney format in order to decide the next champion of Seawinds.

First tourney will be a progressive death tourney, each fighter has 3 "lives" at the first life they fight with single sword, at the second life they fight with any 2 handed weapon, and on the third life the fighter shall choose their best form. Random pairings until we have the top 2 fighters who will fight a final and advance to the finals, (the fighters that advance can be expanded depending on how many fighters we have.)

The second tourney will be a speed style with your best style, fighters will pair up then fight single elimination best 2 advance same as before,

For the finals we will have a dice of death decision on the weapons style single elimination.


Willhelm VonBellatrix


Rapier Tournament

The tourney will be in two parts; first will be a progressive lives tourney where each combatant has 3 lives.  First life is single sword, second life is defensive secondary, and third life is offensive secondary.  After the third loss, you are out.  Then, we will have a 30 minute (45 minute?  We'll see what the schedule permits) bear pit.  The top point scorer will move on to the final to face the winner of the progressive lives tourney in a dice roll of death, best two out of three final.


 Brian O’hUillian


Bardic Competition

Round 1:  A period piece or piece done in a period style.  Documentation strongly encouraged, but not required.

Round 2:  A piece glorifying Ansteorra or its people.  Special consideration will be given to pieces about Seawinds or   Seawinders.

Round 3:  2-3 finalists will be chosen to perform a piece of their choice at feast.

Performers are encouraged to perform pieces from multiple forms (song, poetry, and prose) and all are reminded that this is a monumental event for Seawinds as it is their 30th Anniversary!


 Brian O’hUillian


A&S Competition

I am pleased to invite one and all to the upcoming Arts and Sciences competition at Seawinds Defender.
The theme for Defender this year is.....Seawinds! Anything to do with and blue, seashells, a memory from our past events, your best interpretation of everything Seawinds!


Hrefna Gytha (Willa Wylde)


Gustatory Competition

As Seawinds Gustatory Defender I challenge all who wish to compete for this distinguished honor to create a dish or two that reflects "Seawinds" in some manner. It could be food from the sea, food shaped like a shell, a dish inspired by a recipe from one of our fabulous feasts. Be creative.

Judging will be based on best interpretation of the theme, and display.   Ingredients and recipes are requested.       Please prepare enough to share with 10-12 people as the entries will be open to the populace to taste after judging.  Judging will begin at 11:30 am.

All cooks are responsible for their own food preparation and serving supplies.  The kitchen will be available to warm up any dishes but please be considerate of the feast steward.

Caitriona inghean Mhic Lochlainn