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Seneschal's Missive for June

posted Jun 1, 2011, 7:12 AM by Web Minister

Greetings Shire-mates!

    Congratulations to Lord Phillip, the next Seawinds Exchequer!

We are still taking applications for the office of Hospitaler and Herald. This is a great

opportunity to get involved in the business end of our shire. Service to the shire and the

kingdom does not go over looked. We have lots of new comers that need the leadership

of those long time members of the shire. I appreciate everyone stepping up and

participating in shaping the shire future!

    I am pleased to announce my deputy Seneschal; Lord Andrewe has been announced to be

the 20th Ansteorran Star Principal Herald. We are so pleased for him and excited for this

opportunity to serve the kingdom. Yet, now as required by kingdom, I need a deputy

seneschal ASAP! So please step forward!

    There are a lot of opportunities to serve Seawinds! We have a Defender event coming up

locally on October 28-30 and our co – hosting event War of Ages with Ffynnon Gath on

November 11-13. There is another Ingleside Ren Faire scheduled for December 9-11.

Please come and play with us!

    As always if there is anything I can do to make your SCA experience more enjoyable, I

am always here for my SCA family!

In Service to the Dream, I remain,

Honorable Lady Eleanora Elizabeth Caley

Proud Seneschal of the Great Shire of Seawinds