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Seneschal's July Missive

posted Jul 9, 2011, 6:12 PM by Web Minister   [ updated Jul 9, 2011, 6:14 PM ]
Greetings my Shire-mates!

We have had a busy month of change!

We have a newly recognized Youth Marshal of Seawinds, Lord Owen! Congrats!
We have a new Herald, Lord Geoffrey! Thank you Lady Alys for your service! We had a lot of submissions during your two years as Seawinds Herald. Thank you. We have a new Hospitaler taking the reigns over from Centurion Wayland, Lady AriManna! We all know she will do a wonderful job and has already done so much of the job already as Wayland's deputy. Thank you Wayland for your continued service! If that wasn't enough, we also have a new Exchequer! Thank you Lord Phillip for stepping up and becoming our newest Seawinds money man! Phillip is very organized and I am sure will do a great job for Seawinds! Thank you Lord Helgierr for showing him how it's done! Helgierr you have been such as asset to Seawinds for so long! Thank you for all the ways you have served over the many, many years in the shire. (Don't Leave!!!)

This makes for largely a new officer corps. Along with our A&S mistress and Chronicler, I believe this is the first time many of you have been a full fledged warranted officer. Most of you new officers have been deputies and all of you have stepped up time and again to serve. I am so very happy for this changing of the guard. These changes in officers shows growth and positive direction for the shire! Time for some new blood! Thank you all ahead of time for your dedication.

Now is the time to fill in those deputy positions! All officers need back up! You never know when life will become more important than that darn monthly report! So save some grief and get some help. Learn the new job together! So if tragedy strikes, the shire stays strong. Those of you that want to serve and help play a part in strengthening the shire but not ready yet to be an officer? This is the time to apply to become a deputy. We need your help!

That is why I announce since their Majesties took my deputy to become Star Principal Herald, Lord Andrewe. I am pleased to announce HL Catriona, our Quartermaster and past Seneschal, has agreed to step in and fill the deputy seneschal position. Yet, I am always looking for more deputies!

Thank you Lord Andrewe for continuing to be our web admin even as you take this Kingdom level job.

The Seneschal's job is never a popular job keeping up with Corporate, Kingdom, and mundane requirements and laws for a non for profit organization sometimes makes you the "bad guy". Yet with these new officers and those that came before them, I feel I am very blessed. I will look to each of you to report monthly and quarterly on time as well as help guide this shire in further growth and success.

Look at all the coming events!

Seawinds Defender
Co-Hosting War of Ages!
Ingleside Ren Faire

We are a busy shire!

Turn in your award recommendations!

I, Thank You all...
In Service to the Dream, I remain.

Honorable Lady Eleanora Elizabeth Caley

Seneschal of the Grand and Mighty Shire of Seawinds