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Seneschal Open for Apps!

posted Oct 26, 2011, 4:57 AM by Web Minister
The office for Seawinds Seneschal is now open for applications!
Now is the time for me to step down and resign from the position as the proud seneschal of this wonderful shire!
All applications for the office must be sent to the current and regional seneschal.
If the position of seneschal (ie. Local Chapter President) is of interest to you, please fill out the application for office. Found here:
Attach and send it to the current seneschal - HL Caley at and Southern Regional seneschal - HL Colin MacNachtan at:
Applications will be accepted until Monday, November 28, 2011.
Please review the requirements to apply and hold this office as well as the responsibilities found in the seneschal handbook. Found here:
1. You must be 18 or older.
2. You must be a member of the SCA and have regular access to the Kingdom
3. You must attend the Seneschal’s and Treasurer’s warranting classes.
4. You must not live at the same address as the group’s Treasurer.
5. You must be reachable by telephone, especially in the evenings. It is critical to have email access, but it’s not required unless you are applying for a regional or Kingdom office.
As always, I am available for any and all questions!
In Service, I remain,
HL Eleanora Elizabeth Caley
Shire of Seawinds Seneschal