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Offices Open for Applications!

posted Apr 10, 2011, 6:14 PM by Web Minister

With the upcoming Coronation and Round Table, it is once again time to change hands with regards to some of our offices. The following offices are open for application. Please contact the current officer for more information:

Exchequer (Treasurer): This position is responsible for maintaining the finances of the Shire of Seawinds and reporting on those finances to the Kingdom. Some financial knowledge is encouraged. There are warranting classes required, but they may be obtained after being selected as the officer if you are so interested.

Hospitaler: This office is responsible for assisting and recruiting newcomers, as well as coordinating demonstrations for the general public.

Pursuivant (Herald): This office is responsible for assisting the populace with researching and registering their names and devices. They are also responsible for coordinating Heraldry at events and some other small tasks. There is a warranting class for this office, which must be completed within 3 months of warrant date.

If you are interested in any of the above offices, please contact the relevant officer for more information.

In service,