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January 26-28, 2007    Coronation of HRM Romanius and Deana

                                    Awards Given

                                    Alix deBohun                                    Queen's Glove of Ansteorra


February 23-25, 2007    Coastal Invasion V

                                      Duval County Park, Benavides, Tx

                                      Court presided by HRM Romanius Vesperianus

                                      Autocrat:  William Killian

                                      Feast Steward:  Temair inghean Baetain

                                      Awards Given:

                                                John Lightfoot                            Sable Thistle - Weaving

                                                Gabriel of Stonebride Keep        Award of Arms

                                                Henri Hibou du Bois                    Sable Comet


October 26-28, 2007       Seawinds Defender XII

                                        Duval County Park, Benavides, Tx

                                        Court presided by HG Cateau d'Arennes

                                        Autocrats:  Arianna de Genevois and Alix deBohun

                                        Awards Given:

                                                   Pamela of Seawinds                Award of Arms

                                                   Roderick Greenfield                Award of Arms

                                                   Shayleight of Seawinds            Award of Arms

                                                   Titus Valerius Quintillus            Award of Arms

                                                   Arianna de Genevois                Sable Comet-Seawinds


                                                    Chivalric:        HRH Aaron MacGregor

                                                    Rapier:           Amelot Lisette

                                                    A&S:             Caitriona inghean Mhic Lochlainn

                                                    Bardic:           Gwen Madewen