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February 24-26 2006   Coastal Invasion IV – Duval County Park in Benavides, TX

                                    Court presided over by HRM Mahadi and Valeria

                                    Autocrats: Ly. Caley of Lancashire, Ld. Gavin

                                    Feastocrats: Ly. Muriun, Ld. Yarraslav


                                    Awards Given

                                    Yarrasav Horsebreaker            Sable Comet – Seawinds

                                    Paul of Seawinds                      Award of Arms

                                    Phyllis of Seawinds                   Award of Arms

                                    Fionn                                        Award of Arms


September 1-3, 2006   Gothic Wars


                                    Awards Given:

                                    Alix deBohun                            Award of Arms



September 9, 2006       Laurel’s Prize Tournament – Choke Canyon State Park in Three Rivers, Texas

                                    Court presided over by Baron Godwin and Baroness Radegund for HRM Aaron and Britta

                                    Autocrats: H. L. John Lightfoot and Ly. Caitriona inghean mhic Lochlainn

                                    Feastocrat: Ly. Anna Klann


                                    Awards Given:

                                    Apollonia de Avena                  Sable Comet – Seawinds

                                    Dan the Artisan of Sawciffe       Sable Thistle – Metalworking


November 18,2006    Bordermarch Autumn Melees


                                   Other Happenings of Note

                                  Gavin MacGiollaRua                    Protege to Mistress Annes Clotilde von Bamburg


December 1-3, 2006    Seawinds Defender - Duval County Park in Benavides, Texas

                                    Court presided over by Baron William of Welewen for HRM Aaron and Britta

                                    Autocrats: Ly. Calena and Ld. Dan the Artisan

                                    Feastocrats: Ly. Apollonia de Avena and Ly. Caitriona inghean mhic Lochlainn


                                    Awards Given

                                    Joanna the Spinner                     Award of Arms

                                    Dyrfinna Giersdottir                    Award of Arms

                                    Thorgill Sorenson                        Award of Arms


                                    Seawinds Defenders

                                    Ld. Madog of Glastonbury        Chivalric

                                    Ld. Brian O'hUilliam                 Rapier

                                    Ld. Charles Frasier                    Equestrian

                                    Kurosh al dimashq                    Archery

                                    Mistress Hillary Greenslade        Arts and Sciences

                                    Ld. Brian O'hUilliam                    Bardic