February 13-15, 2004
    Coastal Invasion II/Seawinds 20th/String of Pearls I – Robb and                Bessie Welder Park in Sinton Texas

  • Court Presided over by: Baron Randall der Krieger and Baroness Meghann der Krieger for HRM Miguel and Conal
  • Autocrats: Ly. Catriona of Seawinds, H. L. John Lightfoot
  • Feastocrat: Ly. Marguerite du Bois
    Awards Given
  • Dan the Artisan of Sawcliffe Award of Arms
  • Fearghus Cochran Award of Arms
  • Moira Cochran Award of Arms
  • William Killian Sable Comet – Seawinds
March 13-21, 2004 Gulf War XIII
    Awards Given
  •    Jean-Paul de Calmont Kings Archer of Ansteorra
October 22-24, 2004
    Seawinds Defender IX/second leg of String of Pearls II – Robb and           Bessie Welder Park in Sinton, Texas

  • Court Presided over by: HRH Cateau d’Ardennes for HRM Dracontis and Sibri
  • Autocrat: Apollonia de Avena
  • Feastocrats: Ly. Caitriona inghean mhic Lochlainn , Ly. Caley of Lancasher, Ly. Apollonia de Avena, Ly. Marguerite du Bois
Awards Given
  • Grace of Stonebridge Keep Rising Star of Ansteorra
  • Mairead McCracken Award of Arms
  • Victoria Stafford Award of Arms
  • Gordon Stafford Award of Arms
  • Seanne Tully Award of Arms
  • Isabel of Seawinds Sable Comet – Seawinds
  • Calanna di Nero Rosa Sable Comet – Seawinds
  • Marguerite du Bois Sable Thistle – Bardic Arts
  • Caitriona inghean mhic Lochlainn Sable Thistle - Piercework
Seawinds Defenders:
  • Michael of Graves End Chivalric
  • Padrick Logan Rapier
  • Leo Gustafson Arts and Sciences
  • Lorraine Fraser Equestrian
  • Jason Blackwolfe Bardic
    Other Winners
  • Apollonia de Avena Iron Chef
  • Jason Blackwolfe Best Dandy
  • Other Happenings of Note
  • Jean-Paul Calmont Arcarius to Arcus Eadric
  • Anstapa