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Feb28 – Mar 2, 2003   Coastal Invasion I– Duval County State Park in Benavides, Texas

                                    Court presided over by Baron Ulstead the Unsteady and Cateau d’Arennes for HRM Miguel and Conal

                                    Autocrats: Ly. Muirin Reachlinn, Ly. Marguerite du Bois

                                    Feastocrat: Apollonia of Seawinds


                                    Awards Given

                                    Faylene du Maurienne                           Award of Arms

                                    Owen of Seawinds                               Award of Arms

                                    Isabelle of Seawinds                             Award of Arms

                                    Tachibana Omi                         Award of Arms

                                    Wayland of Durloch                              Sable Comet – Seawinds

                                    Marguerite du Bois                               Sable Thistle – Costuming

                                    Christina Bradford                                Rising Star



October 24-26, 2003   Seawinds DefenderVIII/String of Pearls I – Robb and Bessie Welder Park in Sinton, Texas

                                    Court presided over by HRM Cateau d’Ardennes

                                    Autocrat: Ly. Caley of Lancashire

                                    Feastocrat: Apollonia of Seawinds


                                    Awards Given

                                    Jayme Dominguez del Valle                   Award of Arms

                                    Marcus Cassius Maximus                     Award of Arms

                                    Apollonia de Avena                              Award of Arms

                                    Jason Blackwolfe                                  Award of Arms

                                    Jean-Paul de Calmont                           Sable Comet – Seawinds

                                    Caley of Lanashire                                Sable Comet – Seawinds

                                    Robin of Seawinds                                Sable Crane