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January 18-20, 2002    Siege of the Abbey XII – Corpus Christi Abbey in Sandia, Texas

                                    Court presided over by Baron Emrys and Baroness Brianna

Autocrat: Ld. Lowrens of Ross

Feastocrat: Ly. Mikela of Kiev, Ly. Temair ighean Baetain


Awards Given

                                    Maximillian von Rinn                             Award of Arms


                                    Other Happenings of Note

                                    John Lightfoot                                       Apprentice to Mistress

Corrinne Elizabeth Drake


October 25-27, 2002   Seawinds Defender VII/King’s Lancer – Corpus Christi Abbey I

Held on                        Sandia Texas

December 6-8, 2002    Court presided over by Baron Randall der Krieger and Baroness

                                    Meghann der Krieger for HRM Patrick Michael and Julia

Autocrat: Ly. Catriona, Ly. Marguerite du Bois, Ld. Eiric

                                    Feastocrat: Mary Bradford


                                    Awards Given

                        Christoffel van der Keere                      Award of Arms

                                    Calena Rose Nuiore                             Award of Arms

                                    Einar Ragnarson                                   Sable Comet – Seawinds

                                    Eiric MacGiollah Mhartain                    Sable Comet – Seawinds

                                    Katherine Brandon                               Sable Comet – Seawinds

                                    Robin of Seawinds                                Sable Comet – Seawinds

                                    Catriona                                               Sable Comet – Seawinds