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January 21-23, 2000       Siege of the Mission III– Goliad State Park in Goliad, Texas

                                    Autocrats: Jean Paul de Voila, Morgan Vintner

                                    Feastocrats: House Morningstar, Ly. Octavia Alessandra de Modici        

                                    The Song of Seawinds was presented for the first time.

                                    Awards Given

                                    Aron Hunter                                         Award of Arms

                                    Armand-Jean de Payne                         Award of Arms

                                    Maeve O’Conchobhair                          Award of Arms

                                    Meghann MacGuire                               Award of Arms

                                    Mikela of Kiev                                      Award of Arms

                                    Muirin of Seawinds                                Award of Arms

                                    Nicolaa Pedersdattir                              Award of Arms

                                    Neil Godfriedson                                   Award of Arms

                                    Sigarith Deincourt                                  Award of Arms

                                    Symon Prophet                                      Award of Arms

                                    Talisien ap cian                                     Award of Arms

                                    Tarquin Gateslayer                                 Award of Arms

                                    Mordun MacDonald                              Sable Comet – Seawinds

                                    Anna Klann                                          Sable Comet – Seawinds          

                                    William Gerritsz van Wije                       Sable Crane

                                    Pashley Penhaligon                                Companion  - Star of Merit

                                    David ben Ruben                                   Companion  - Star of Merit


July 7-9, 2000                Rapier Academy at the Saltwater Pavillion in Rockport, Texas.  Court presided over by TRM Alaric and Kayleigh Drake

                                    Autocrat: Diego de Valor

                                    Feastocrats: Mikela of Kiev, Temair      


                                    Awards Given

                                    Diego de Valor                                      Sable Crane

                                    Lowrens of Ross                                   Award of Arms

                                    Dante Luis Santiago                              Award of Arms

                                    Isobol Mhartain of Darkhorse                 Sable Comet – Seawinds

                                    Braun der Mueller                                 Award of Arms


December 15-17, 2000Seawinds Defender V  – Sweeny Switch, Texas

                                     Court presided over by Baroness Pashley Penhaligon for HRM

                                      Timo and Allison

                                      Autocrat: Marius Greyedge

                                       Feastocrat: Temair ighean Baetain, Mikela of Kiev


                                                Awards Given
Katherine Brandon                                Award of Arms

                                                Catriona                                                Award of Arms

                                                Muirin of Seawinds                                Award of Arms

                                                Marguerite du Bois                                Sable Comet – Seawinds

                                                Reymond Henry Blackburn                    Sable Comet – Seawinds

                                                Temair ighean Beatain                           Sable Comet – Seawinds

                                                Mikela of Kiev                                      Sable Comet – Seawinds