February 13-15, 1998
    Siege of the Mission I – Goliad State Park in Goliad, Texas
  • Court presided by HRM Richard and Gladwyn
  • Autocrats: Robin of Seawinds, Ld. William Gerritz van Wije
  • Feastocrats: Ly. Gillian MacGuire, Ly. Guillianna Arentino
Awards Given
  • Anna Elise Klann Thistle-Costuming/Millinery
  • Diego de Valor Award of Arms
  • Humberto Milanes Award of Arms
  • DubEssa Ingen ui Briain Award of Arms
  • Eliberio Antolinez Sancho de Mar Comet – Seawinds
  • Felix of Seawinds Thistle – Metalworking
  • Guiliana Irene Arentino Thistle- Costuming
  • Iona Niall Companion – Iris of Merit
  • James Smythe Award of Arms
  • Robin of Seawinds Award of Arms
  • Thrand Godfriedson Thistle – Armor Making
April 3-5, 1998
    Seawinds Defender III and Renaissance Festival at Texas Sky                 Festival Park in Corpus Christi, Texas
  • Autocrats: Eliboro Sanchez Del Mar, Diego de Valor
  • Feasocrats: Gillian MacGuire, Guiliana Arentino