April 1984  


Shire started by:
  • Godric Gordon Redwolfe
  • Valerian O’Neill
  • Catrin yr Gwenydd
  • Lothbrok Halfdanarson
  • Winfrith Rouge Martel
  • Detarian Alexander
  • Wulf Fairhair
  • Francis of Grunwald and children

    Sometime between April 1984 and July 1985 others joined Seawinds including David Ben Ruben from a small group called White Keep in Mathis Texas.  White Keep was absorbed into Seawinds.  Other people who joined during this time are Thorvald Halfdanarson, Eadric Kyree, Isolde of Ridgeway, Mordun McDonald, Ewald Mueller, and others.