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Seawinds Defenders

Defenders of Seawinds

The Shire of Seawinds proudly honors our Defenders.  We have been most privleged to have had such mighty Defenders over the years.  As you can see there are some holes in our information, especially prior to 2001.  If you are able to fill in some of the missing information or you have a correction, please contact our Historian

 HL Caitriona inghean Mhic Lochlainn at prand @swbell. net.

October 26-28, 2012La Fruta Park, Mathis, TX
 Chivlaric: Kerlold Hoegaarden
Rapier: Rene Damours
A&S:  Avelyn Blakeneye
Bardic:  Rosa de Armanno
Gustatory: Mariana Garcia
Archery:  Nicollet Deuville

October 25-27, 2013
La Fruta Park, Mathis, TX


Chivalric:  Willhelm Von Bellatrix
Rapier:  Brian O'hUillian
A&S:  Hrefna Gytha
Bardic:  Brian OhUillian
Gustatory: Caitriona inghean Mhic Lochlainn
Archery:  Godric Gordon Redwolfe
 Sept. 3-5, 2010
Aransas RV Park
Goliad, Texas
 Chivalric: Centurion Alexius
Rapier: Don Mateo Montero de Madrid
A&S: HL Caitriona inghen mhic Locklainn
Bardic: Lord Hallgeirr Olafsson
Gustatory:  Mistress Oksana Goncharova
Archery:  Lord kuroSH al-Din
 Feb 22-24,2009
Aransas RV Park,
Goliad, Texas
Chivalric: Duke Kein MacEwan
Rapier: Lorenzo of Bryn Gwlad
A&S: Brian O'hUilliam
Bardic: Padric O'Mullan
Gustatory (Premier):  Eisengart and Isabelot de Forens


Feb 22-24,2008

 Equestrian: Sir Henri Hibou du Bois
Archery: Lord Titus Valerius Quintillus

Oct 26-28, 2007 
Duval County Park, Benavides, Texas

 Chivalric: HRH Aaron MacGregor
Rapier: Lady Amelot Lisette
A&S: Lady Caitriona inghean Mhic Lochlainn
Bardic: Lady Gwen Makewen
 December 1-3, 2006
Duvall County Park, Benavides, Texas
 Chivalric: Lord Madog of Glastonbury
Rapier: Lord Brian O’hUilliam
Equestrian: Lord Charles Frasier
A&S: Mistress Hillary Greenslade
Bardic: Lord Brian O’hUilliam
Archery: KuroSH al dimashq

 Oct. 28-30th, 2005
Live Oak Park, Ingleside, TX
 Chivalric: Duke Ulsted the Unsteady
Rapier: Don Brian MacCael
Equestrian: none this year
A&S: HL John Lightfoot
Bardic: Lord Madog of Glastonbury
Archery: Lord Jean-Paul de Calmont

Oct. 22-24,2004
Robb & Bessie Welder Park, Sinton, Texas
 Chivalric: HL Michael of Graves End
Rapier: Lord Padraig Logan
Equestrian: Lady Lorraine Frasier
A&S: Lord Olaf Hastings
Bardic: Lord Jason Blackwolfe
Archery: Lord Fearghus Cochrane

Oct 24-26,2003
Robb & Bessie Welder Park, Sinton, Texas
 Chivalric: Lord Evets von Drackenklause
Rapier: Don Ansgar von Aachen
Equestrian: Brianna of Seawinds
A&S: Imari of Seawinds
Bardic: Lord Henri de Garthier
Archery: Sir Henri Hibou du Bois (first ?)

 Dec 6-8, 2002
Robb & Bessie Welder Park, Sinton, Texas
 Chivalric: Lord Evets von Drachenklause
Rapier: Lord Jean-Paul de Calmont
Equestrian: Brianna of Seawinds
A&S: Catriona

Robb & Bessie Welder Park, Sinton, Texas
 Chivalric: Lord Evets von Drachenklause
Rapier: Cael McCuel
Equestrian: Lady Katherine Clatworthy
A&S: Christoffel Van der Keere
Bardic: Lord Taelan

Dec 15-17,2000
Sweeney Switch, Texas
 Chivalric: Lord Lawrence the Rampant of Rams Isle
Rapier : Lord Diego de Valor
Equestrian: Lady Katherine Clatworthy (first equestrian defender)

 Sept 3-5, 1999
Goliad State Park
Goliad Texas

 Chivalric: Ulsted the Unsteady
 April 3-5, 1998
Texas Sky Park, Corpus Christi, Texas
 Chivalric: Lord Randall de Krieger
Rapier: Lord Henri de Gautier
A&S: Lord Einar Wolfcoat
Bardic: Lord Robin of Seawinds