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Join us in the Arena for another tourney, cleverly designed by Sir Kenneth & Sir Wayland, guaranteed to make you want to shout, "Are you not entertained?"
Fight like ancient gladiators with a variety of weapons for the pleasure of the crowd, but beware of the hungry lions who are waiting to pounce.

*Calling all Artisans!! * *Rome, one of the world's greatest civilizations. Known for its military prowess; its technological advancements; and art. Her influence is still seen across what was her vast empire, and to revere that influence, the Arts and Sciences Competition for the Seawinds Defender will be "All About Rome". The competition will focus on all things Roman. Documentation will be required for your entry. Please join us in celebrating all that is Rome at Seawinds Defender, October 23-25, 2015.*
*Yours in service,*
*René Damours, WSA* *Current Seawinds A&S Defender*

The theme is: ROMAN GODS & HEROES.
Please have three pieces ready with at least one on the theme. Deference will be shown to those who stick to the theme throughout (especially if they connect it to Seawinds).
And I tell you this, Ansteorra- the prize for this bardic showdown will be commensurate with my reputation and live up to my legacy. You want it.
LORD Hanse, Bard of Seawinds, the Stargate, and holder of titles too numerous to boast of here.

(We'll get to the point, more info coming soon)

For those interested in the Gustatory Defender competition... Trying to stay close to the Roman theme; here are a few guidelines to help you get started.
+ Prepare at least two (2) dishes i.e. entrée & dessert, side & appetizer, drink & dessert; your choice.
+ Choices need to serve at least 15-20 people (or more); it will be used as part of the luncheon.
+ Setup will begin by 10:30am, you must be ready for the Judges by 1130am (times subject to change)

Don't shoot the sacred geese