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Defender 2011 Competitions


Valhalla Tournament, organized by our current Chivalric Defender, Centurion Alexios. 


The current defender of Seawinds, Don Mateo Montero de Madrid, has seen fit to pass along his burden. He seeks a worthy successor, and intends to test them in tournament against others, like minded. The first part of the tournament shall be fought in a round robin style. Each combatant will be required to fight with the following weapon styles - Single Rapier, Sword and Cloak, Sword and Dagger, and sword and buckler. From this group, a smaller group will be chosen based upon not only their prowess, but their comportment and form (no, you don't have to fight in a period style. You will, however, want to work on good form. The defender of Seawinds cannot fight sloppily! Also, dress as well as you're able). This smaller group may be called upon to fight in any of the 4 previous styles in another, smaller round robin pool. The current Defender reserves the right to challenge the victor of the tournament.


Defend your caravan from marauders and hunt for food in the Taklamakan Desert, also known as the “Unocomout” Desert. Please bring combat arrows and armor for this tournament.


Two pieces, Norse themed or documented Norse. Themed would include original pieces written in Norse style.

Arts and Science:

Artisans are invited to compete in the static arts tournament. Bonus points for use of the Silk Road theme or including silk in your project. One entry per person, documentation encouraged but not required.


"Silk Road Gustatory Pleasures." Entrants are asked to document the spices, foods and drinks found along the route. Bonus points for the use of multiple Silk Road ingredients in the same recipe, as well as period ingredients. Recipes do not have to originate from the Silk Road, you may instead use a recipe that includes several ingredients from the Silk Road.  1-2 page documentation to include where the ingredients originated from is encouraged, along with a full ingredients list. More than one entry is acceptable, with separate documentation for each entry. Appetizers, main courses, desserts and non-alcoholic drinks are included in the challenge. Please bring enough to share with 10-12 people per entry, as the entries will be part of the lunch. Bring your creative culinary skills for this interesting challenge. Please note additional information about this tournament below>

Attention Gustatory Competitors:

We ask that all gustatory competitors please register by Oct 21.

Registrations should be sent to HL Caitriona at prand (at) swbell (dot) net.

Please indicate what you are preparing in order for us to plan accordingly.

All cooks are responsible for their own food prep and food serving supplies. There is limited space in the kitchen for food prep; however there is table space and electricity in the hall as well as room to store ice chests etc.

Please indicate what your needs are when you register.