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Ingleside Ren Faire

Shire of Seawinds Winter Revel and Demo
Ansteorra!  Come and embrace the coming winter season with Seawinds hospitality.   Join us as we participate the annual demo at the Ingleside Renaissance Faire December 10th and 11th, 2011 at Live Oak Park in Ingleside, TX.
Food, Fun, Mayhem, and Destruction (that’s just how we do things in Seawinds)
We will be representing the SCA, showing the public who we are and what we do.  We are providing a medieval atmosphere and entertainment for the faire patrons.  Enjoy the weekend dressed in your best garb and playing your favorite persona.  For those who are a fan of Tartanic, they will be playing both days at this year’s event. 
Fair hours are from 10am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday.  Participants are encouraged to attend both days, though if you just wanted to day trip a Saturday or Sunday, we would love to see you.
The Schedule of Events
· Friday: Arrival and set up with hospitality meal Friday night
· Saturday: Fighting and frivolity.  Heavy and light fighters are needed.  All artisans are welcome to set up under the artisans pavilion.  There is a need for actors for a tongue and cheek, improvisational, wedding ceremony.  After the fair has closed to the public, let the revel ensue.  Complementary breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be served
· Sunday: Fighting and frivolity.  The need for heavy and light fighters.  All artisans are welcome to set up under the artisans pavilion.  There will be a costume contest for any who wish to flaunt their garb.  At the days end, we breakdown and head home.  Complementary breakfast and lunch will be served
Chivalric is planning to have the Dice of Death, Dragon Battle, Castle Gate battle, and more
Rapiers are scheduled to fight at various sites through out the faire (yes, there will be a tavern brawl)
Fighting schedule
Chivalric: 10:15am, 11:30am, 1:00pm, 2:30pm, 4:00pm both days.  Contact Matt Price/ William Gilly for more information on Chivalric activities:
Rapier: 10:45am, 11:15am, 12:30pm, 1:45pm, 4:30pm both days.   Contact Robert Shenk/ Whilhem Scheer von Obernkirchen  for more information on Rapier activities:
Marshals are needed as well as fighters
Arts and Sciences
Seawinds invites all artisans of the realm who would like to demonstrate their craft to come down and set-up under our pavilion.  Share your craft with others or come be inspired by others who share their craft.  There will be two (2) large tents to set up under as well as lots of trees.  Bring that display that needs a lot of room, we would love to see it!
Fighters of Chivalric and Rapier!  Make your way to this lyst field for there is good fighting to be had in Ingleside: Knights, Centurions, Dons, Cadets – or anyone who loves a good battle –  heed this call and demonstrate your might.   
The tentative meal offerings for your enjoyment  soon to be announced
Please contact our food steward, HL Caitriona at for any questions you may have about the food or if you would like to help out in the kitchen
Entry to the demo is FREE for those who RSVP (we need a list for the front gate). CAMPING IS FREE.  Camp site opens Friday (December 9) after 7am (yes, AM).  We will have drive up access to the campsite until 9am Saturday (December 10).  All camps need to be set up by 9am Saturday.  Those arriving after 9am on Saturday will have to park and carry in their things.  Camping is in designated areas only.   Site closes Sunday evening, after the event closes.
No ground fires. 
Site is wet in period containers, and the usual request: hide your mundane. 
Hotels are nearby for those who choose not to camp or check in with your favorite Seawinder for crash space.  
RSVP needed by December 7, 2010 to assure we have enough food to feed all as well to insure you are on the guest list at the front gate.
Please send RSVPs to Lady Roysen AriManna:  We will need your SCA name, mundane name, whether you will be camping, size of tent (if applicable), arrival date/time, size of A&S display (if applicable), area(s) you would like to volunteer: chivalric, rapier, equestrian, waterbearing, etc.  It would also be helpful to know if you will be participating both days or just one day.  We need people for Sunday as well as Saturday. 
For even more details, contact: Lady Roysen AriManna: